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Shred vegetation & trees with ease:  Digga’s Magnum mulcher provides high flow skid steer loaders and Excavators (up to 20 tonnes) with the versatility of grinding small and large material, trees or brush, even above ground stumps with just one operator. Debris can be mulched back into the soil for faster decomposition. Magnum is the perfect value-adding attachment for clearing firebreaks, land, maintenance of park or forestry trails, vegetation management, and remediation.


Adjustable bent axis motor: Adjust hydraulic motor flow to match the output of host machine. For best results, tailor RPM to the application (2000 RPM max). Increase production by reducing recovery time.


Heavy duty purpose-built positive traction belt eliminates slippage to increase productivity and reduce operating / maintenance costs. Many competitors use standard car engine belts to drive their drum.


Patented tooth design: Split tooth design channels cut material through the centre of the teeth providing relief, consistent cut material, and reduced motor drag. Reversible tooth allows quick field replacement without downtime.


Heavy duty rotor: Digga’s Magnum mulcher features 3/4 inch drum wall thickness and five reinforcing stabilisers to reduce rotor flex while a through shaft design adds to its rigidity. This results in increased bearing life.


Innovative shaft & bearing design: ‘Push’ type adapter sleeve traps the bearing against a shoulder on the rotor shaft to prevent the rotor from floating axially. Guaranteed rotor shaft positive grip able to withstand heavy shock load / unintentional axial load. The design also prevents dirt from reaching the bearings.


6 Reasons to buy

  • Innovative shaft and bearing design
  • Adjustable bent axis motor
  • Integrated hydraulic oil
  • Heavy duty rotor design
  • Unique drive belt minimises slippage
  • Patented reversible tooth design


Click here for Magnum Mulcher Series2 Brochure


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